whimsy & zest was started by Cassidy in November of 2016 with the purchase of a button maker and lots of excitement over cute pinback buttons. since then, we've expanded the product lines, broadened the focus, and had so much fun. we do several conventions and local events a year, participate in online shopping events, and have as many conversations as possible.

the shop is women owned and run, except for the occasional post office run or tent set-up done by Cassidy's dad. friends are involved throughout the whole process, from design ideas to new products to helping at convention booths.

the main goals of the shop are to make friends, create cool things, and have fun. we're genuinely so glad you're here and definitely want to know what you think about all the things - shop related or not!



there's a lot going on around here. let's break it down a bit.

pinback buttons were our first love and continue to be a huge part of our world, though they mostly show up in person at local events and conventions. we're slowly bringing back button packs, so keep an eye out for that.

enamel pins are so fun and a bit more complicated, so they're still relatively limited compared to the button designs. several of the most popular designs are getting restocked soon!

stickers are our newest focus, because who doesn't love stickers? whether you collect them or actually stick them on things, we have some cute designs and lots more coming soon.

magnets are about to hit the shop with a passion, both flat magnets and ones that are more similar to the pinback buttons.

bookmarks and keychains exist because Cassidy wanted to play with glitter and vinyl, and it's been a grand time.

mugs, shirts, and sweatshirts are the current print on demand offerings. this was the best option to bring cool designs on fun products without trying to stock size-inclusive shirts and deal with shipping mugs.

our jewelry selection is mostly bracelets, though keep an eye out for necklaces as it gets closer to the summer conventions!